Mold Making & Casting

When multiple pieces of ornament are needed, DiLeo Studio can provide moldmaking and casting services. We cast in various types of plaster and urethane resin. When no original exists, we provide patternmaking as well.

A variety of plaster (gypsum) products can be utilized depending on the application, from solid casting to fiber reinforced gypsum (FRG) for thin wall hollow castings. We also have experience with the Forton System, a polymer admixture allowing for exterior applications.

Urethane resin is available as a casting material also, providing a wide range of physical properies. Among the various applications for this material the use of metal powders mixed in can produce castings with the look and feel of foundry castings. This technique is referred to as cold casting, ie- Cold Cast Bronze.



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Mold Making & Casting

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